Good Rate, Good Service

Our approach to billing is simple. No fuss, no hidden costs. The same percentage of paid claims per billing cycle.

What Will You Get With Our Billing Services

Accurate billing for the all-inclusive, competitive rate of 2.95% on paid claims per billing cycle.


Our scope of services includes OHIP, WSIB, IFH, Out of Province Billing, HCAI billing and submission. We are experienced in all forms of billing services and work to submit all claims for services rendered.

Submission & Error Reports

We work diligently to submit all billings the same day and upload claims to the MoH web portal. We also will retrieve Error Reports and resubmit claims updates at no extra charge. We are that confident in our data entry!

Reconciliation Reports

Account reconciliation is an important part of our services. Medicus Analytica takes extreme care in ensuring all records of billable services are meet and will provide a transparent and detailed report of all accounts.

Remittances and Payments

Medicus Analytica is trusted with transparent and detailed invoicing services. The remittances are delivered on time and always includes a detailed report of payments.

Fee Update

Free fee schedule code updates on a timely basis. The current Bulletin 4753 dated 14 April 2020 is the most comprehensive update to codes and premium changes.

Our Fee Plan

We offer ONE all-inclusive plan for a reasonable fee. There are no complicated calculations or hidden fees.

Full Service Plan - 2.95%

For 2.95% of gross revenue per billing cycle
OHIP Billing
Individual/Group Billing
Claims Submission
Error Correction/Resubmission
Physician Payments

Full Service Plan - 2.95%

For 2.95% of paid claims per billing cycle
3rd Party Billing
Data Management

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