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Why Choose Medicus Analytica

Medicus Analytica provides full billing services with the experience to manage your daily operation. We are able to integrate analytics to maximize your revenue while expertly providing logistics and administrative services.

Outstanding Communication

We foster open communication with our clients thus building strong relationships to better understand the physician practice and needs.

Great Time Management

Our aim is to implement solid business structure to maximize time and ensure a tight operation.


Our knowledge of industry regulations, laws and practices establishes a trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Problem solving skills

We elevate our problem-solving skills to ensure the business runs smoothly and you get paid for services rendered.

About Medicus Analytica

Analytics - Billing - Management - Strategy

Medicus Analytica Inc. is expert in the logistical operation of healthcare facilities. We utilize analytics to breakdown information and formulate a plan so businesses can survive and prosper.

MAI manages and provides full OHIP billing entry services of MC EDT to MoH, WSIB, HCAI, IFH, and other 3rd party billing entities, including the resubmission and reconciliations of error reports and managing physicians’ monthly revenue. MAI has more than 15 years of experience in the field, we were a pioneer in the evolution of medical cannabis billing since the industry first emerged in 2012.

MAI ensures our clients’ business adheres to industry standards, as well as, being a strategic partner in clinical recruitment, human resources management, personnel training, and marketing campaigns.

How We Can Help

We can help by managing the daily operation of your business. Our knowledge of verifying industry trends, suppliers, patient recruitment, training, and full OHIP and third-party billing services ensures that you stay focused on providing high-quality service to your patients.

Healthcare Management

Data Analytics

OHIP Billing

Accounting & Payments

Stay on Top of Your Billing.









Good Rate, Good Service

Our approach to billing is simple. No fuss, no hidden costs. The same percentage of paid claims per billing cycle.

Our Clients Say

I am very happy with the services from Medicus Analytica. Great people, great job!

Dr. S. Gupta - Cloud Care Clinic

Very reliable and trustworthy billing team. I love working with them. I specifically love their one rate plan. This makes my monthly fees consistent and predictable.

Dr. Joshi

The billing services of Medicus Analytica have always been hassled free for me. The one rate plan is helpful and their team is very knowledgeable.

Dr. K. Rod - TPClinic

I appreciate the set fee Medicus Analytica offers. It prevents me from wasting time. Medicus Analytica has been instrumental in helping my bottom line. Very professional and very nice people to work with.

Dr. J. Greenberg - Anesthesiologist

I like the fees that MAI charges for their services. I have never had an issue with my billings and the payments have always been on time.

Dr. Muhammad - ObGyn

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